Feeling Sluggish, Tired, Heavy, Frustrated, Stiff, or Depressed?

Feeling Heavy or Sluggish?

Do you know someone who is sluggish, heavy, tired or gets depressed? Well, it may be the result of their diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (which acupressure therapy is part of) teaches how common foods, various tastes, and cooking methods affects emotions, attitudes, sexual energy, and the state of our health. Feeling heavy, stiff, tired, sluggish or depressed is not who … Continue reading →


Wellness Acupressure Points for Muscular Stiffness & Knee Pain

Trad Acup Chart

Being Stiff is not enjoyable. Counteracting stiffness was a major challenge for me. I am writing to give you easy tips, including Acupressure points, and dietary guidance, to relieve stiffness, prevent muscular problems, and knee pain. We will focuses on the acupressure points within the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My nest article will provide a series of vital stretches … Continue reading →


Touch: A Starting Point in the Vast World of Healing


Every human being has the potential to heal and be healed. It can start with something as simple as a few deep breaths, which can clear your head and make you feel renewed and energized. Or maybe it’s through a friendly glance or a smile, or the kindness of going out of your way to help someone. Healing can even … Continue reading →