Detox & Decongestion: Liver Balancing Acupressure Point (Lv 3)

Here’s a video demo to guide you to use the Detox Acupressure Lv 3 point on the top of your foot, in the valley or webbing between the large toe and second toe. This powerful point balances the Liver meridian. The Lv 3 Acupressure point is a major gateway for energy that flows up your body. It also relieves toxicity, … Continue reading →


Wellness Stretches & Dietary Tips for Longevity, Long Life Exercises to Counteract Judgmental Attitudes & Stiffness (Part 2)


I am writing to give you a series of easy to do daily stretches for increasing the quality of life and a longer life, relieve stiffness, and muscular problems. Part I focused on the acupressure points within the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This Part II will provide the stretches and dietary considerations for reducing stiffness and muscular pain. In … Continue reading →