Feeling Sluggish, Tired, Heavy, Frustrated, Stiff, or Depressed?

Feeling Heavy or Sluggish?

Do you know someone who is sluggish, heavy, tired or gets depressed? Well, it may be the result of their diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (which acupressure therapy is part of) teaches how common foods, various tastes, and cooking methods affects emotions, attitudes, sexual energy, and the state of our health. Feeling heavy, stiff, tired, sluggish or depressed is not who … Continue reading →


Wellness Stretches & Dietary Tips for Longevity, Long Life Exercises to Counteract Judgmental Attitudes & Stiffness (Part 2)


I am writing to give you a series of easy to do daily stretches for increasing the quality of life and a longer life, relieve stiffness, and muscular problems. Part I focused on the acupressure points within the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This Part II will provide the stretches and dietary considerations for reducing stiffness and muscular pain. In … Continue reading →