Introduction to Acupressure: Points, Methods & Self-Acupressure

My aim is to make Acupressure and its benefits accessible to you. To do this, I am giving you many links below – to make it easy to learn more about Acupressure, and discover its benefits through an Introduction to Acupressure. Acupressure stimulates the body’s self-curative abilities using a system of healing acupressure points; it releases tension, increases circulation, reduces … Continue reading →


Ankle Sprain Acupressure Points for Healing Ankle Pain, Ankle Stiffness, Sciatica, Top of Foot Pain, and Swollen Ankles*

I have successfully used Acupressure Points (GB 40) on my own body and many others for relieving ankle pain, stiffness, ankle sprains, and swelling. These acupressure points, on both ankles, work like a charm. I’m confident I can describe how you can get relief. If you read further and watch my YouTube clip on relieving an ankle sprain. I’ll give … Continue reading →


Acupressure for Lovers – How to Use Acupressure Arousal Points and Build Sexual Energy

Embraces stimulate acupressure points naturally.

Acupressure for Lovers uses the hands and other parts of the body to apply pressure and suction. This activates the same points known to be medically therapeutic in both Acupuncture and Acupressure. When these points are stimulated to heighten lovemaking, they can awaken sexual energy, deepen pleasure, and cultivate sexual intimacy. Acupressure for Lovers shows you how graphically – using 400 … Continue reading →