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Ways to Use Acupressure
Methods, Applications & Acupressure Techniques

Acupressure Points
How Acupressure Point Therapy works for stress, muscular tension and pain relief

Michael working on a student

Massage work
Reflexology & Acupressure
How Acupressure Point Therapy integrates well with ear, hand, and foot Reflexology

Ashiatsu (Barefoot Shiatsu)
How to use Ashiatsu Bodywork & Barefoot Shiatsu practices for deep, rhythmic pressure

Shiatsu Therapy
How Shiatsu Therapy methods stimulate Acupressure points for increased effectiveness

Asian Bodywork

Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) scope of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Healing Energy
Cultivating energy flow in healing work, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts

Chiropractic Care
How Chiropractors can integrate Acupressure Therapy with spinal adjustments

Qi Energy
Discover the ways Qi energy work enhances the Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chi Healing Energy
How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cultivates your Chi energy flow for self-healing

Qigong & Healing
How to build Qi for healing through breathing exercises, visualizations & meditation

Jin Shin
Discover Jin Shin's spiritual healing roots, energy balancing formulas & how to learn more

Reiki Energy Work
Use Reiki energy work on specific Acupressure points for greater healing results

Massage Points
Ways Acupressure can enhance Massage Therapy & how Chinese Massage works

Trigger Points
Background, mechanisms, applications and benefits of using Trigger Point Therapy

Pressure Points

How Pressure Point Therapy works, how to apply pressure, and guidance to learn more

Chinese Massage Therapy

How Chinese massage techniques stimulates Acupressure points

Chi Chi Chi
Arthritis ReliefEmotional HealingAcupressure for Lovers
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